Broken Together


Not your everything

Not now not ever

Songs on the radio

Said it wrong

And for a while we listened.

We traded rings

When the preacher smiled.

Shortly into it

A flinch and a friction

Just a glitch we thought

But then attitude

Crossed agendas

A child to argue over

And money, always money

To bring on the jousting.

How did it happen?

Where the stumbling root?

And tonight the strangest of dreams.

A lawyer’s office


Books and files all around.

Was this the end

A civil sawing off?

He asked us to join hands

He looked skyward

As if we were not present:

“Father, these two are a mess

Thank you for making it clear.

Father, you be the glue

You be the balm

And the cohesion

Forgive them that they might know it

Complete them, oh God

And yes, thank you.”

We took one of His cards

From the desk

Before leaving

It read, “Peace. Be Still”.

Still holding hands, we were.

( a good place for Psalm 46)


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