Sand in a Blogger’s Shoes


I am sitting here at the ocean’s shoreline. Mid-day sun warm over my head and shoulders Surf coming in and out in leisurely fashion. This time last year I was in a real fix because of my own stubbornness and unbelief. Yesterday I was in trouble again for standing up for righteousness’ sake in the face of a godless pack. No allies.

With no other choices, I dedicated last night to seemingly desperate prayer. I was told to come down here today and contemplate the horizon and the expansive view. I have put these thoughts to paper. I have found a green bottle discarded at a recent campfire site at the edge of the dunes.

I am writing to you Friend, whoever you are, with the message that God is forever and always available, caring, just and fair. Make this your pivot-point, and you will begin to appreciate Him as merciful Father: Jesus as capable, manly Elder Brother. You are in their keeping.

The problems all stem from the fallout of men’s selfishness, pretension and rebellion. In our natural state we are not a pretty bunch. Even the planet reels. But the Gospel has invaded that state with hope, intervention and compassion. The welcome is broad; broad as that horizon out there. I extend it to you as paper in this corked bottle. Divinity takes charge of this missive.

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2: 14)

Here goes…SPLASH…and swept away.

I feel better already. I believe that in time, you will too.

4 thoughts on “Sand in a Blogger’s Shoes

  1. Did you ever hear of Jack Miner in Kingsville, ON. He developed a bird sanctuary on his farm. Thousands of Canada Geese in autumn stopping for a feed. He also bound up the wounds of injured ducks and before releasing them put a band on the leg with an imprinted Gospel text. Imagine some hunter down in Minnesota bagging a bird and getting a “word” from the skies. Same diff with the bottles. Doug

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