Somewhere a Rooster Crows


I’ve read the Gospel story

The miracles and such

The preaching from the hilltop

The crowds He loved so much.

The fish and bread

For thousands

The girl raised from the dead

The stormy sailor crossings

The supper when He said

His death was at the doorway

His blood a new life paves

And none would dare stand with Him

When Evil rants and raves.

And Peter e’er the leader

Would cringe, deny his Friend.

A fear he thought beyond him

Would break him at the end.

And I can see the limits

To what this story proves

That God is good

And God is just

And hurting ones He loves.

But do I need salvation?

I try my best ya’ see

And over-much religion

Is sure to hamper me.

A business has me running

With corners cut to gain.

And friends would soon be shunning

If I proclaimed His Name.

And pain would come large measure

If I turned right around

And changed my speech

And changed my paths

For mercy I had found.

No, I must draw the limit

For history’s matchless Christ

He’s not my Lord

He’s not adored

I just won’t pay that price.

And surely all these drawbacks

Each modern person knows.

…What’s that? I hear out yonder

Somewhere a rooster crows!

Note: The good news is that some of the “Peters” of this world receive the rebuke, repent and enter into the life of joy unspeakable and full of glory. (1 Peter 1:8)



2 thoughts on “Somewhere a Rooster Crows

  1. Wow, this is an aspect I have been always comfortable with laying on Peter and never turned that mirror on myself. Yes, that ringing in my ear is the resonance of a cock crowing ‘in what I have done, and failed to do.’ I am going to take this one with me today, and I will make sure I give the credit to you for having alerted me to the many times I had opportunity to say his name, and made the choice to refuse.

  2. Remember NOK that it is the giving of the right word IN SEASON that makes a difference. Be sensitive to opportunities with the man/woman who asks. Peter said that also in his first letter. I have met sanctified blabbermouths who contribute little beside the chill of phoniness…Doug

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