Just an ordinary guy
Rusty, dusty job
Nothing special
Ruled by the clock
With assurance nothing really
Changes tomorrow.
Workmates mostly
With foibles
And false priorities
Pushing them forward
Or backward, not sure.
Families, fancies
Just like mine.
And I have heard
The beating of the wings
Seen the movement
Of strange creatures
Of Glory
Wheel within a wheel.
Can’t deny that inner peace.
Known by God
Kept by God
Claimed by God.
And adopted in
Some strange deal
Costing me nothing
But a beggar’s insight.
Break times
Find my Bible open
Find my thoughts elsewhere
But hoping, yes hoping
That some Bud
Wants to know the reasons.
Occasionally one does
And that makes all the difference.
As I pray
Now, Father, now.
In this little corner…Amen


7 thoughts on “Emissary

  1. Thyanks AG. Reminded of the children’s song “Jesus Bids Us Shine”. For years I thought that that was not enough. Grab em by the ears. Pour in the doctrine…but not now. Hunger first, and hunger by the Holy Ghost.

  2. Excellent picture attached Bro’. And now the song”;

    Jesus bids us shine
    With a pure clear light
    Like a little candle
    Burning in the night
    In this world is darkness
    So we must shine
    You in your small corner
    And I in mine.

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