Mennonite Blend

Took a drive up to Millbank and Wellesley yesterday. Quite unplanned, we dropped into Anna Mae’s Bakery and Restaurant. This is an institution for country folk in east Perth County, many being Mennonites. Roast chicken dinner, mashed, incomparable gravy and every conceivable pie for dessert.

The walls are filled with pictures of the land and curios from the country homestead. A gift shop with crafts, cards, Bibles and Gospel literature, poetry (good old Helen Steiner Rice), books on the Mennonite ways. At the front foyer a table with free tracts and youth choir CD’s (a cappella). I took the music and have been enjoying these joyful  young voices.

On one of the back roads some teen boys were playing probably their last game of hockey for the season on the yard rink. Another place, another time. Healthy, wholesome, red-cheeked. And winter’s fresh cut logs on staked trucks parked on many a front drive and waiting for early week delivery to the mills.

But first Sunday, family, rest…



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