Revelation Taking Root


Sometimes words are said

But meaning comes up missing

Listeners scratch their heads

Or just move on apace.

Deeper truth is there

Than meets the understanding

Whether now to soft-sell

Or hold on firm in grace?

Spirit gave the words

And Teacher just relayed them

Precious puzzling package

Must wait a richer clay.

May we have the strength

To leave them there maturing

Taking root unseen

Until their blossoming day.





2 thoughts on “Revelation Taking Root

  1. Isn’t that neat AG. I saved this one on hard drive from 3 nights ago. And look what happened with a certain friend. Oh the bubbling underground, and we must let it happen. God will have His way. Remember how Jesus just let the rich young ruler walk away. I am convinced the man got the message (in its fullness) down the road. Did the Lord chase him saying “Ooh, ooh let me try to put it another way for you.”? Nope.

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