Short Ride

The renowned heart surgeon had 9 year old Ronnie and his Mother in the consultation room.

“Son, day after tomorrow I will do an exploratory on your heart. We will give you medicine so that you will go to sleep and feel no discomfort. We will use very precise instruments to open up the area and study the condition of your heart. It is a large and very important pumping muscle with 4 chambers. What do you think we will find in there. Our observations will determine what we are going to do on another day soon.”

“Well Doctor I know for sure that when you look in there you will find Jesus. Just like the songs say.”

The Physician paused, not knowing quite how to respond. Certainly Jesus would not be carrying the day for those delicate three hours. He would, and his 32 years of experience.

“That’s interesting Son, but I would rather focus on the mechanics of this thing. What do you think I will find?”

“I’m sorry Sir, I don’t know about that stuff, but I do know for sure that Jesus is in there and that He looks out for me and makes me happy. I know that you will do your best.”

The Mother sat there quietly and respectfully with a neutral sort of expression on her face. The Doctor could not help but conclude that she or her Husband had given the little fellow a lot of “pie in the sky” coaching. This irritated him. He remembered all the “religion talk” from his wife. Gone now these past 4 years from cancer.

The surgery was done the next day completely by the book. The discoveries were very disappointing. Inoperable. Too much waste in one so young. Probably no more than 9 months left for Ronnie. He envisioned that sad and darkening season. Sitting at his desk, he heard his inner voice saying, “OK Jesus this kid thinks he belongs to you; that you are his Shepherd, I suppose. Why such a lousy prognosis for this little Lamb, eh? Are you in charge or not?”

The office, cluttered with diplomas, awards and memorable photos, was dark except for the one small desk lamp. Silence for about 20 seconds.

And then just as if he heard another Voice, “Phil, I am that Shepherd and my flock begins where you are, and comes to a place much more glorious without pain or fear or regret or death. Sometimes I feel strongly that a little one should come to me face-to-face at a time much earlier than most; that he has gotten the Message; that he does not need exposure to a world of strife or unbelief any longer; that his words and demeanour and confidence might draw in some other wayward sheep. Ronnie’s parents will join him some day in glad reunion. It’s about time that you understood this. I have been waiting.”

Phil’s hands were shaking on his desk blotter.

The next afternoon at about two-thirty he met with both parents. The nine year old was having a visit with his Aunt.

“Folks I went in. I found some very serious damage. I will not be able to operate to any significant degree of improvement. I am very sorry. I have to say only 9 months to a year left for the Boy. I will consult with a few others on the best and most comforting measures to be used. I marvel at Ronnie’s confidence and state of composure. He is exceptional. You can be proud…and Madame, I went into that heart and I found Jesus.”

(At a later date and when things had settled a bit, they all talked more about their Family of Faith, Doctor included.)

Author Anonymous (received by email from a friend)


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