Who’s to Blame?

You done set it up first

And it run itself foul

Listen to it burn

And listen to it growl

This wasted opportunity

A Paradise so green

Sweet peace gone out a-wailin’

For somethin’ quite obscene

The critters used ta frolic

But now they tooth and claw

And mothers leave their chil’ren

The worst I ever saw

And man who held dominion

And ruled in Eden’s calm

Now plannin’ out each ghetto

And playin’ with the bomb

You coulda done it different

You coulda stayed the hand

That wanted to play God instead

But didn’t understand

Your one Law held the seed of choice

And that the seed of Love

And Love is all you ever asked

Your perfect plan to prove.

Instead man took the steerin’ wheel

And drove the bus to hell

I’m askin God please intervene

And all this rot dispel.

I’m guessin’ that you’re much too grand

To jes come down and fix

But what if one clean Man you chose

To join us in the mix?


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