The Three Will Not Avert the Four



False hopes

And folly

These all the fashion

My City gone astray

If they had


The puff of

Pillow prophets

Could have averted

The dooms

I speak today.

Famine and pestilence

Rabid beasts

And swords’ blood

These swiftly coming

To men who

Thought me blind.

Peace and permissiveness

Their fruit

Of vain imaginings

Damning detritus

Soon scattered

To the wind.

Had I heard Noah

In prayer for

All their failings

Daniel or Job

Approach my bar

To plead

They would have scarcely

Come safely

From the cauldron

Bearing none other

For whom

They intercede.

Yet still a remnant

I scatter to wild places

They know I do see

And hear

The feasts of fools

They tell a world

Jehovah judges rightly.

They seek a place

Where only

Their God rules.

(Ezekiel 14)

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