Controversy with David’s Psalm (37)



Whadya mean “fret not”?

Can’t ya see all

The wickedness


Outright oppression

Slippery talk

Unjust gain

Pain and grief


By rogues who

Could easily help?

Even the King

Sold over

To darkness.

And you say…fret not.


But you say more

Don’t you.


That’s a good one

Trust others?

Trust family, myself?

That’s pretty shaky.

Oh, trust you Lord.

But I hardly know you

And can you be known?

You say “delight”

Easy perhaps for the shepherd

With the psalms

And fresh air and liberty.

…Oh but that shepherd

Became the hunted animal

Despised and tracked

And nearly trapped

But got through somehow.

And that was you right?

Well I’ve had some

Narrow misses too.

Should I be thanking you

Looking higher for provision

And protection?


Obviously that shepherd

“Delighted” in you

Got to see really

That there was

No other Source.

Committed” his ways

And hopes unto you.

Found that he could

Rest” in a mighty confidence

Found only in Another.

Made the conscious quality

Decision to “cease from anger

And forsake wrath”.

Started to realize

That nothing, absolutely nothing

Could better the newfound process

Of “waiting” upon your majesty

Your timing, agenda and pathway.

But all that is really

Just for your special anointed


The steps of a good man are ordered…”

Could that ever be me?

You forsake not your saints

They are preserved forever.”

Could that ever be me?

The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Could that ever be me?

This process of delightful dependence?

Surely such a God

Is all Giver and not Taker.

And I think

I am beginning to see

And I praise you

For your justice and mercy

And sing out my thanks.

Starting now.


(painting by Peter Etril Snyder of Waterloo)

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