Ahab’s Troth

 I stick to my purpose
We swore a crew’s troth
That we would use life and lung
Aye use them both
To follow the white whale
To this eastern sea
And find him and slay him
Where e’er he might be.
For he is not natural
A right godly steed
For lords of the dark world
All malice and greed
His jaw a deep cavern
His spray from hell’s blast
His fluke a great engine
His wit none surpassed.
And he has once tried me
With boat and with shaft
And tasted of my flesh
And swallowed and laughed.
A king without rival
His trophy my limb
But I ply these waters
To overthrow him.
Though krill swarm a warning
And dolphins report
And squid point to Pequod
We’ll still have our sport.
The men have their eyes peeled
For gold’s in good news
They’ll shout out that glad day
And then I can’t lose.
The smitty has armed me
With steel cured by fire
To seek out the White’s heart
And watch Hate expire.

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