Shopping Mall Psalmody

Please and thank you

Somebody help

Come rescue

I’m lost

Oh for a Mother’s care

A Father’s carrying

Excuse me

Tempting offer but foolish

Which to choose?


Won’t yield again

Cost and consequence

Help that child

Help that old one

Get that door for you?

This…for me?

You shouldn’t have

I love you

Must tell others

That one’s a bully

So full of himself

And the latest fads

I’m tired

Let’s rest together.

Tell me a story

We have the time.

Nice place here.


Note: One day observing events and hearing conversations in a mall I got the impression that so much of it reflected what the Psalmist thought about and sang about. The Book of Psalms is indeed a holy volume, but it also shows that God considers the very commonplace and can meet us there and train, use us and delight us there.

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