“Can’t even imagine

New beginnings

Flip of the page

Morning ice sparkles

Matins ring at Saint Agnes

And no paper delivery.

Last night lacked real joy

Holiday lights soon

Down everywhere

Frosted streets quiet

For the thirty-first.

And it’s back to work

Back to school

Kids’ homework

A little trickier

And Dad’s input


So much the same

For so long.

Oh but Uncle Pete passed

Brad and Sharon had a boy

Carrie started nurses’ training

Factory soon opens a new line

Coupla movie stars

And old political hacks

No longer with us.

City services chopped

Yet again

And foolish options

Given much noise.

What could be new?

Set the heart a-racing

Bring on optimism

Surprising purposes

And joy unprecedented?”


Down the block

People at St. Agnes

Stuffing brochures

For letter boxes

And hand-out

At the Mall:


‘Come join us

For heartfelt discussions

Lively study

Of a Gospel

Encounters with

The Living Christ

Real prayer with friends.

Could mean a big change

We don’t bite.

Starts Thursday January 12 at seven thirty

Twelve weeks

If you like

Plan to visit

Plan to grow

Who knows?’


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