Trade-Off Extraordinaire

by artist James Tissot


That day

The greatest Soul

Who walked this orb

In loving deeds

Was hung up high

A spectacle

For fools to mock

“He moans. He bleeds!”

And like a lamb

Unmarked and pure

He hung in sin’s dread place

That Holiness

Saw justice done

To cleanse a needy race.

As sin

The Christ knew grief

Without compare

As sin

He bore the curse

His Father’s tears

A sight so rare.

And we

Are told “Rejoice.

Set free”

In this transaction odd.

And we

Are left amazed

Transformed, the righteousness

Of God.


2 Corinthians 5:18-21

Note: Believer, you are the righteousness of God. Get this fixed in your consciousness from one of the richest of New Testament chapters. Stand in the thankful assurance of it when someone mocks your moderation or transformed tongue; when someone in terrible need asks for prayer; when someone rants that faith is just a crutch for losers; when someone humbled appears ready to hear the Good News.

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