jesus embrace

The smile can be sent

To that lady so old

Who pushes her walker

In spite of the cold

Who heads to the diner

Though slippery the street

And holds to the hope

Some kind people she’ll meet.

Or look to that mother

Who reigns the kids in

And single these three years

And no it’s no sin

That she should be struggling

The bills and the house

And two jobs both part-time

No thanks to the spouse.

And smile for the young man

So new at his task

And offer kind pointers

If ever he’ll ask

He so wants to fit in

And many seem gruff

And yes he has fouled up

The skills often tough.

You see here an ointment

A blessing so dear

And really so simple

And you Friend are here

To offer an uplift

That might change the day

For some who are struggling

In life’s fickle way.


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