Worthy Sample from Anthony Gomez

Back in 2013 AG and I sparked up an animated friendship on a Christian Writers’ Forum he helped administer. This is one of his that really grabbed me with image, depth and thankfulness. Enjoy…oh, and he is seldom one for titles:


Renegade with a heart?
At the end of the line,
a new start?
You don’t make sense to my senses
nothing invested, yet countless recompenses
eres’ turn to hences, arthritic legs jumping fences
in the service of lengthy sentencesConfused but not beyond belief
belief is all i have that counts one iota
dressing wounds with it like a salve
failing this here and now perpetually
taking what You send too casually
defense mechanisms in layers dissolving
breaking down the broken, then breaking that down more
demolishing all that stands between ‘eye’ and You
what would You have me do?
i wait and wait for You
no sooner do i begin to feel like i’ve faded from Your view
the world pulls me down with crushing, joint grinding, gravity
then You remind me, everything You said was TrueIn this filthy shell,
how do You tolerate my smell?
“unfit to untie Your sandals”
and was he not the greatest among these?
then what of the likes of me?
and these tears…
please tell me someday…
You know everything,
what are they for?
i’m hurting and I don’t know why,
i love You like i do,
it is a mystery of Word and Spirit,
and all my many words,
no matter how I arrange them…

seem to know any more than i do,
but they don’t speak to me,
as they pass…
through me
wringing tears from out of my mind
and the salt…
stinging my heart



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