Holiday Panic Notwithstanding

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There is so much in the Christmas Season that simply needs to pass…and quickly.

Go to any shopping mall or parking lot and see. Watch the young parents roll their eyes in near fear with the cart full of electronic games or big label clothes. Largely their generation has missed the wonder of the Incarnation of God with us. They would not have the patience to listen to Handel’s Comfort Ye My People. The Christmas tradition for them consists of Bing Crosby, Frosty, Rudolph, Karen Carpenter and St. Nick. Pity.

But Friends the appeal is truly universal. Parents make it through the panic and journey to a quiet resting place torch lit behind the inn. Strangers broadly smiling arrive with  a story to tell of amazing angel choirs. And a question is asked that has occupied the entire race. Is this the One?

Might we have peace now with the Lord of Creation? With each other? With our jumbled plans and agenda coming into line?


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