Jack on the Move, WW2

by richard wheatland

it was Ryerson in Toronto

physics, cathodes in a rush

And the docks of venturesome


for that Britain Battle push,

luxury liner did the passage

young men eager for their post.

soon the sick-rail leaning, over

and those friendships proved

the most.

was it London’s land

or Glasgow?

that part never laid on me.

but a smoky train made Cromarty

firth, and views of Northern Sea.

Sunderland floating bombers

for the radar man to guide.

searching out those furtive U boats

that the Nazis tried to hide.

there were close calls

yes, in measure.

shrapnel, chaos

meeting Huns.

and twas never certain


in those tricky, risky runs.

but for Jack, a Providence


and a luxury liner Home

thankful for the Mercy gathered

that some others had not known.

(jack blair 1922-2010)

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