Strengthen, Stablish, Settle (words of Peter)

St. Paul would say that in the midst of his personal weakness and embarrassment he found the imparted strength of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 12).The wandering, vulnerable Lamb saw the arrival and Rescue of the Good Shepherd. He flowed over with Thanksgiving, and this brought the loving adhesive of Obedience. As he obeyed, he learned more about the doctrine, heart and agenda of Jesus. Partnership had come. He was on a Strong Rock, and he knew it.

Strengthening was an exciting process. Coming to realize the extent of daily partnership with the Master Builder of a Church worldwide. An understanding of the powers and gifts delegated for helping the Body of Christ, and for winning the lost. But no nasty self-assurance or vanity. That kind of thing would pull out the rug.

With months of service and experiences of unanticipated guidance or rescue, the Gospel Worker would find that the panic had diminished. The ennui. The need to self-justify. The dissipating thoughts of “what if”. Like the calm sea surface of Galilee some days, he had become settled, collected, unhurried and confident of needs being met and opportunities coming in relaxed fashion. It had been that way for Jesus, and also for Paul…the Servant as his Master.

It is my prayer that this warming, invigorating pathway will prove to be the experience of many who read this post. A Gospel Boot Camp undergone to good ends. And to the deepest of satisfaction.

in Baden ON

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