That Faithful Remnant

By Yasmeen Hussain

He would have seen it

Prayed over it

Wondered at the roaming

Attentions of the people

Too much going on

Staff of life; necessities

Kids to be raised;protected.

But Jesus never lost Hope

Knew fully allotted tasks

Messages of extravagant Joy

Healings as Spirit might move.

And let us not forget the Religion

Forced, fake, frowning.

But God was not; is not.

And Jesus kept on hiking

Happening from village to village.

Faithful remnants, prophesied

Hurried, heeded, hung on.

For a Kingdom.

Be Ye Enlarged

by Caravaggio

It’s right there, at your option

The Prayer Closet

Where whispers of Power,

Thanksgiving and Comfort

Thrill the Heart and Soul

Providing the partnership equipment.

And that Word in Season

Most needful Love letter

To Adam’s Race.

Extolling Second Adam

And His finished Work.

Probably miles beyond comprehension.


But persevere, talk over

Trusted pearls of the Faith

Once delivered to the Saints.

Trust a few of those Saints

For challenge, mutual edifying

Growth, service in the Body.

Yes, such things do enlarge.

And pain and misunderstanding

Get straightened, beautified.

Just as the spectrum

Can follow the thunders.

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