Enoch Arden: Tennyson

A castaway

And hope stretched thin

The storm, the wreck, the digging in

Two shipmates lost

Their hearts broke first

The loneliness, the chill and thirst.

The gulls would teach

One errant mind

To dig the clams

And seaweed find.

The bonfires stoked

The night stars dreamed

Mid hopelessness

The touch of God

It seemed.

To not let go.

To curb the tongue.

To write rich memory

Of days when young.

And scan that line, yes

Friend, in each spent day.

To persevere and plant and pray.

Yes pray to God

Who oft brings light

And rescue, health

And finished Night.

(Could be Robinson Crusoe, or Alexander Selkirk or Tom Hanks with Wilson…or ENOCH)

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