Crocus Time

Clydesdales up near Listowel. Beauties enjoying the spring smells and potential.

Ah yes, March and changes. Last year we had to change residence. Landlord wanted to sell in this bumper market. Almost ridiculous prices, so high, all around.

But Providence took the hassle out of it all. Found a suitable and spacious top floor apartment. Amenities all so very close. And Hilary and I love the place and the people here. Canada geese virtually fly past our balcony and kitchen.

I retired fully effective December 31st , 2021. Thirty two years of enjoyable experiences, friends and challenges met. Many wholesome goodbyes. And then over two months simply playing around. Web site development. Shun-pike drives in the country in many directions. Delightful hours spent developing capability with a bunch of camera equipment gifted to me by Family. Developing a painting blog for Hilary’s use, as she returns to the easel and colours. We both took an online course with Art2Life (Nick Wilton). Had a lot of fun with it. Have also returned to the harmonica playing habit and practice of college days. New website there as well.

With this April comes the challenge of finding some part-time work. I am well into the process of paperwork, online searches, resumes, interviews. It will all work out well. I have a personal video which addresses my past experiences and skills.

Something good will turn up.

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