Coming from the Outside

Benmiller Resort near Goderich ON.

Window opened with relief

And in will come

The sounds, smells, rushing

Of cardinals caroling

Distant children’s laughter

Freshly mewn grass

Saturday’s cooling breeze.

Delightful prospects

Of free time

And perhaps a visit

(Duly controlled)

To a loved one.

Three cheers for the

Month of May. (Mom’s month of birth, 95 now passed)


Reminding of past blessings

Intimacies with Creator




In the Heavenlies

Where similar delights

Never end.

And where we are headed

In His Good Time.

(Good moment for a look at Psalm 104)

Uplift to a Friend

Another thought here Brother. You have been ill and weak. You have come most of the way through a tough valley. Remember that the world and carnality both despise suffering. Compare Palm Sunday with Good Friday and you will see what I mean. Years ago Hilary and I experienced a business failure in a profession. We became invisible to most who knew us and they stayed away. Even church folk felt that they didn’t know how to help so they became strangers as well. But what did God give us in those months? Lots. (Revelation, compassion, silent riches of peace, His touch and closeness, , a new peculiar audacity, unprecedented Bible support, new prayer power, hope against hope).


Sure as shooting

They will vanish

When the suffering sets in

They were with you

In the hay-day

When you seemed

All set to win.

But the tears

And ruddy face

Register now

As grim disgrace

And they haven’t

What it takes

To enter in.

Mud Lake by Tom Thomson

Petitions Partnered

If you will pray

your obedience

brings on His smile

His attention

His partnered output.

Yes, you partner

and lives are changed

dark places lightened

hopes distant realized

and there might never be thanks

in this life, for you.

but no matter

that comes later

Grace just blesses

and shoulders under

because it has to

as did our Lord Jesus

at every opportunity.

in prayer you enter

into His realm and power.

change and victory

in this earthly swirl

will require you

and your pleadings, praises

and intercession.

now get to the work




For Perry

Perry Petrushko.

Brother in Faith these past 15 years or so. Married to gracious Melanie. Father of many sons and finally one sweet daughter. IT specialist. Raised in the Canadian prairies. Moved to Kitchener Waterloo, twin cities strikingly German and Eastern European in heritage (love those Farmers’ Markets). Hospitable beyond measure. Often finding reasons for laughter. Not easily persuaded (and that was good for us). Lover of Tolkien allegories ( we binged together on the entire trilogy of the Rings, his spirited sons included). Moved to Kentucky with Answers in Genesis ministry. Beat the immigration hassles of the day. Those tall sons developing strong (in the States, that included rifles and the bush and the fishing gear). Now fairly recently, and to my surprise, moved to Florida. Broadly smiling boater dodging the gators, I suspect. Present occupation still a mystery to me (short order Ukrainian chef? roofer? tour guide for some nature preserve?salesman of high tech? personal lifestyle coach? retired? scammer of rich old ladies?)

We met at a house church offered generously by Tom and Carol Padfield. We entered into a Sunday morning coffee shop ritual with 3 or 4 others (Sam, Claude, Dave, Paul, Marc, Richard, Steven). The exchanges were wonderful and brought us closer to Jesus. And gaining understanding of each other, as seldom happens with men who refuse to open up.

I remember a DVD entitled LIFE given to me by Perry. Originating from the AIG organization (Ken Hamm and others). It was a beautiful visual of natural setting so wonderful in diversity but suggesting the intimate involvement of Creator God in all (put the Evolution talk on the back burner please). Background of majestic classical music and hymns. This ministry in latter years built the Noah’s Ark project for visitors in KY.

Perry and Melanie are grandparents. Now Hilary and I have joined the club.

Perry…I’m talking to you man! I link here a post of beautiful background hymn music and stunning nature videos (returning the favour after many years). Let us in on new developments for you two in the South. Play that ole Stephen Foster music and smile… Please pass the perogies.

New Life Has Come

New life has come

From Heaven knows where

Now sensing our light

Now breathing our air

And calling for help

To enter this world

Dependent and sweet

Our Son’s baby girl.

The eyes take new notice

The fingers full made

Though tiny, so tiny

Now hearing what’s said

The on switch has happened

She’s one bundle bright

Though tummy sore tummy

Extracts sleep from night.

All part of the process

Of what she’ll become

And dreams of the prospects

Are thrilling our Son

And his Bride of beauty

And partner in all

Who once were as helpless

We parents recall.

(sweet grand daughter Elizabeth Rosemary Blair)


I reckon that His blessings

Will stop me in my tracks

Oh so much more delightful

Than I could think or ask

He hastens toward His cherished

And that is me tonight

I need God’s hand of comfort

I’m weary from the fight

For there are those who test me

And seek to bring me down

They’re doubtful of my carriage

They meet me with their frowns

They have no time for Jesus

They sense no urge to pray

They miss this hour for mercy

Perhaps some other day.

Oh might I show things urgent

Tomorrow‘s no guarantee

This call might be the last time

For them to come like me.

That sight might be bestowed now

To see the Cross in power

That precious “sorry night for sin”

Might raise them up to flower.

God, you still search the by-ways

More banquet guests to find

Apply your wooing measures

As subtle as the wind.

(Read Psalm 143)