and a new morning comes

It is to be in Jesus’ lap, happy to hear His heartbeat, and chuckling with Him at the insignificance of our short-sighted agendas. He then shows us the larger field of play and invites our involvement with Him as opportunities emerge in the everyday. We are happy…then. (Doug)

Give it up. Oh give it up believer. The clutter. The double-mindedness. The fear of men. The buckling to the advertised standard. The trendy language. The unbelief. The compromise. You are not your own. (Thanks for contributing this great music video, A.G.)


If Ever Spurgeon Were Baffled…

3A81BFCA-2AB0-4ECD-8BCB-288F1C051F17It is a very great mystery that God permits the ungodly to go on as they do. Walk down some of our streets at night, if you dare, and mark what you see. You inward- ly exclaim, “I wonder why God permits it; here is a reeking Sodom in the heart of a so-called Christian city.” Step into some of the dens of infamy, and you will feel, “God could, if He would, suppress this in a minute—why doesn’t He?” Listen for a moment to the talk of blasphemers—what atrocious insults they perpetrate upon the Majesty of Heaven; they go out of their way to imprecate curses upon them- selves, their limbs, their eyes, their souls. What are they doing? If they will not obey God, could they not at least leave Him alone, and not insult Him to His face? We have heard in these days a blasphemer stand upon a public platform and say, “There is no God, and if there is a God,” taking out his watch, “let him strike me dead in five minutes.” When he still found himself alive, he argued that there was no God. The fact was, God was much too great to be put out of patience by such an insignificant wretch as he! Had God been less than God, He would have struck him dead, but being God He passed him by with sublime indifference, as a hero would pass by the chirping of a grasshopper. Yet the Divine Forbearance is certainly very wonderful, very marvelous. I have heard say that when Mr. John Ryland was present at a certain meeting when the slave-trade question was first agitated, a story was told in that meeting of atrocities perpetrated in the middle passage between Africa and the States. And those atrocities were so enormous that John Ryland, in the exuberance of his wrath, knelt down, and said to God, “Lift up Your thunderbolt and damn these wretches, O righteous God!” I know that in sight of oppression and cruelty, I have felt a longing for speedy vengeance on the tyrant, and have been very thankful to think that I had not the handling of the thunderbolts. But God has looked on, calmly looked on, and allowed infamies which were nothing less than infernal to be perpetrated, again and again! He appears to wink at men’s sins.

And earlier in the sermon:

How came it that moral evil was allowed to come into this fair world, to spoil Eden, to pollute mankind, to fill the grave, and populate Hell? Why was it that after sin had broken out in the universe, it was permitted to remain in existence? Why not shut up the first devil as in a plague ward, build a jail in Tophet, surround it with walls of flame, and never let the demon wander forth? Why should the Evil One be permitted, like a roaring lion, to roam abroad seeking whom he may devour? When sin infected the race of men, why not destroy them all, and stamp out the disease, as we did lately when the disease came among our cattle? Why not purge it with fire till the last speck of the leprosy was burned out? What mattered the destruc- tion of a race, if sin were destroyed with them?

And lastly:

Inasmuch as you have many trials, remember the depth of the Divine Faithfulness. You have not been able to comprehend the reason for your trials, but I beseech you believe in the firmness and stabil- ity of the Divine Affection towards you. In proportion to your tribulations shall be your consolations! If you have shallow sorrows, you shall receive but shallow Graces, but if you have deep afflictions, you shall obtain the deeper proofs of the Faithfulness of God! I could gladly lay down and die when I think of the trials of this life, but I recover myself, and laugh at them all, even as the daughter of Zion shook her head, and laughed at her foes, when I remember that the Mighty God of Jacob is our Refuge, and that He will not fail us, nor take away His hand till He has brought about His Purpose concerning us! Great deeps of trial bring with them great deeps of Promise!

Charles Spurgeon

(Note: But I have cheated in a way. Gone to the back of the book. Read for yourself. And they called Spurgeon the “common man’s preacher”. How far our powers of expression have slipped since then! Nothing common about this message of April, 1869. Thanks to Anthony Gomez of Moncks Corner, S.C….Doug)


Joy of suffering through the “means”; Rejoicing at the “ends”

uncultured pearls

A thought evoked by a poem from friend Anthony Gomez of South Carolina:

Rejoicing at the ends. When the body is slipped off like a workman’s well-worn uniform; when the final punch-card is hit; when the task-mates throw at you a “see-ya” wave, and the old acquaintances of sainted influence emerge from the clouds with smiles, songs and eternal embrace. Their Jesus on every pair of lips. And THE MAN shows up.


Psalms 105, 106

what will the triumph look like?

They paint a history of rescue of the children of Abraham; all to have them wallow in the pits of compromise and idolatry in a strange land. Stiff-necked, unbelieving, forgetful, unappreciative, an embarrassment to the gracious God who had removed shackles of bondage, parted the sea, stifled the adversaries, listened to their mediator Moses, and brought them to a land of plenty.

But He is their “husband” if you will, ever mindful of His covenant (Genesis 17, Psalm 89). He still has a vision of eventual one-time harmony, obedience and glory.

He says as much at the end of this two-chapter chronology:

Psalm 106: 47

Save us, O Lord our God,  and gather us from among the heathen, to give thanks unto thy holy name, and to triumph in thy praise.

My friend Anthony Gomez of South Carolina made the following comment by email:

Psalm 106, in it’s entirety was a daily staple several times a day at the very least for about the first year upon being awoken.

Friendship, But Kicking and Swinging

Be It Resolved

Anthony and I were NOT hitting it off. The writing of one drew the attention and birthing appreciation of the other. But testosterone, profiling, shoulder chips and foregone conclusions were all problematic. Also the very male thing of trying to fix it with “helpful” candour, like a kick to the abdomen. Also the strange workings of the Holy Spirit.

Deep down each of us realized that this was not a very gracious way to speak out as writers for the King. We kept on coming back to each other’s postings and comments. The progression was something like ‘creative – curious – competitive – cautioning – caustic – convicted – conciliatory – comrades – collaborators’. Strange how men behave, when they are crying out for affirmation and friendship.

We exchange emails, talk by phone occasionally, pain and yearn and smile for some of the same things in and through the Lord Jesus. Sympathetic vibrations. We hope sincerely that the Church and inquiring and hurting and hopeful will be moved by the things shared here. Brothers are now pulling the oars together! Workable clay for the Potter’s hands.

Galatians 6: 2


(As Doug Blair sees it.)

Yeahh, Fahshoor

It’s very simple…I consciously did the unconscionable I broke some rules…persecuted Doug because it seemed to me that for all his fervor, frustration led to pushing. The problem with fighting unseen battles alone is this…when the reinforcements arrive you’re still swinging or firing at anything that moves.

“Doesn’t anyone see what I see, hear what I hear?”

I shook Doug’s tree and it greatly grieved me to do so, to the point of tears and long, long discussions with the Lord. But I was hoping in something I could not understand, believing…”all things work together for Good to those who love The Lord, those called according to His purpose.

I knew Doug was exceptional and had a “calling”, but his stance when challenged was defensive and self righteously indignant.

I’ve experienced this so often the drawing near to, only to find it’s all fake…”fool’s gold.”

The truth is friend Doug…I was never angry with you in the least, I just wanted to see if you could help to guide me to The “Feast”.

And you already have without knowing it. I know that many watching on that particular writer’s site were judging me cruel, disrespectful, insensitive “a bully” as they are now once again…those are not the voices I listen to…The Voice which I have heard clearly, I allow to guide me.

I was given this direct commission “be gentle with my sheep” and it would seem I’ve betrayed that, the Truth is… those I had come into conflict with in earnest and not as a test,

were not among His sheep, not in the least.

What’s a couple of black eyes between brothers 7×70 times, 7×70 times!

Now go into a little corner all by yourself cry and smile and thank God Whom teaches us how to forgive and LOVE.

(As Anthony Gomez sees it.)

( I’m the one on the right, Doug’s the one on the left! )




Salvoes in Faith

There is a new Gospel poetry blog in the wind. Anthony Gomez/Oneagleswings has agreed to undergird a collaborative effort, and to offer his very stirring and memorable poetry/reflection to the venture. I am both honoured and excited.

The Oxford Dictionary tells me that a “salvo” is a simultaneous discharge of artillery or other firearms esp. as salute, or in sea-fight; number of bombs released from aircraft at same moment; round or volley of applause.

See the link, with our heartfelt blessings: