Last Crescent Moon

  Hung o’er the rooftops And over the street Cold-clear in the darkness Her profile so neat. She speaks of departure A waning regret Aware of her leanness But come-hither yet. And what holds her up there And Who beats the time? No engine or cable For this flight sublime. Once full and so festive Now … More Last Crescent Moon

Anointing My Head

Can’t stop the restlessness No, not at all Up on this rock face Where I might fall Bugs all around me Eyes, throat and ears Gone to distraction Brings me to tears. Shepherd is coming soon Bringing the oil Sweet-smelling savour Ending turmoil. What is there in it None of us knows Simply apply some And how trouble … More Anointing My Head


There are various things recorded as mysteries in the scriptures. “I tell you a mystery…” The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven The reconciliation of Jew and Gentile in time through Christ The indwelling of the Holy Spirit The rapture of the Church The mystery of iniquity The mystery of godliness Refer to a concordance … More Mysteries

The Looping Pigeon

A little bird takes credit For one particular night His family all made fun of him For his peculiar flight With one wing short And one too long He looped and curved mid-air And moreso when excited No straight trips anywhere. And that Night something special A stable perch for all Behind the Inn With … More The Looping Pigeon

Church Mouse

Call me a church mouse Yep, generations of ‘em Here, under the oaken arches And that golden and blue glass. Long quiet pause Day after day We like that Place all to ourselves Except for one singing woman With a mop And a quiet man in black Sits on a bench with open book Drops to … More Church Mouse