Category: Noteworthy Lives

  • Get Up and Out There

  • Grief as Gain (lauren daigle)

  • A Scottish Gem (henry drummond)

  • The Hiss (Isaiah 7: 18)

    God will simply whistle And help comes to the table Scans the far horizons For one that gets His heart Lands upon a village A home, a hearth, a hero Jars him with a vision That gives the job its start. Here we all perspire so As if to help Almighty All is well in motion […]

  • Bus Fare, Anybody

  • Failing?

    She has this moment And greets it with a smile Though fast will be the fading Of Memory in a while. She asks of friends And wonders how they are Long gone Mom, the answer To her not quite that far. She has her strength And moves through days As if a younger girl. The […]

  • Heeland Coows

    The road climbs up the heather And brushes azure sky And passes crofters’ lodgings So ancient, we espy. A rook takes the advantage Of wind swept through the glen And mounts with keen adroitness These timeless haunts of men Who clashed in bitter battle Each standard bore a clan And swords would ring And pipers […]

  • Shaded Visitor

    Folks are troubled By my presence Never welcome No, not I The assignment Souls to harvest And to transport Up on High I will gather At the last breath Leaving pain And wounds behind Almost weightless As I bear them Oh the suffering That I find! But to some The change is easy They have […]

  • Old Friends*

    Don’t ask why I do this Alone on this bench The City alive with new pace. This once was my corner I served up the meals But now I can’t click to one face. I’m just old and past it I once worked long hours My wife seeing diners well fed. But now it’s the […]

  • If Kids Only Had the Insight

    Aunt Betty was married to my Grandmother’s Brother Bill. In earlier years he had been a railroad engineer in Sarnia plying the line over into Michigan. Betty kept herself busy managing a Variety Store. They shared their apartment with my Great- grandmother Elizabeth Watson. There was a time when the two women held it together […]