Place of Agreement


Is the target

That we hope for

All these years

But the place

Is full of bickering


And tears

And the plague infects

Our leaders

And reporters

And the schools

It suggests

Nothing is certain

Nothing stable

Ever rules.


Holds the answer

Thrilling new life

In a child

And a focus

For agreement

In a champion

Meek and mild.

Welcome Jesus

We are with you

And the joy

We spread around

Nothing vague

About the message

And the victory

We’ve found.

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Brother Fuller, Overflowing

His voice almost an auctioneer’s

His tone assured, authoritative

His words convicting

Pure scripture many times

And with joy unspeakable:

“We are beholders, containers

Of the supernatural, my friends.

Time and again Pentecost comes

Perhaps not with the grandeur

Of that First Church

But warmly, honestly

And with the fragrance of Christ.

We know of our roots, our journey

Our cleansing

Unavoidable trials

Certain destination.

We have been called

We remember the Spirit’s wooing

We know not why

We only rejoice

Circumstances notwithstanding.

That oppressive world says

We are tied up in knots

By rules and by fear.

In so saying they are part wrong and part right

No not rules but constraining love

Not dread of the Almighty

But holy compunction never to disappoint.

Love’s captives we are.

And thankful for it.

We take the abuse

Forgive at all costs

Share what little we have

Speak the good report

Stop at the gutter

To uplift the tear-streaked ones.

It’s the life force of Jesus

Nothing of our manufacture

And isn’t it wonderful?

Unlike any other known joy?

There are some here

Who need the transaction

They know it

You know it…Brother…Sister…Child.

The invitation will be given shortly.”


Just then the choir

Off to the side in that summer’s tent

Began singing:

Tell me the old old story

Of unseen things above

Of Jesus and His glory

Of Jesus and His love.


To Death, and Why?

 “Love you to death”
A quaint little saying
Core to our faith
In Christ’s full obeying
Died for His friends
A horrid blood-letting
Debt fully paid
His Cross, ransom getting
Died for His foes
Though they poured the hate on
Laughed at His lot
Yet some heard the grace song.
What my response
To mercy’s outreaching?
Death to old gods
Society’s preaching
Death to self-love
Now filled with His Spirit
Praising God’s plan
Might all my friends hear it.

Shopping Mall Psalmody

Please and thank you

Somebody help

Come rescue

I’m lost

Oh for a Mother’s care

A Father’s carrying

Excuse me

Tempting offer but foolish

Which to choose?


Won’t yield again

Cost and consequence

Help that child

Help that old one

Get that door for you?

This…for me?

You shouldn’t have

I love you

Must tell others

That one’s a bully

So full of himself

And the latest fads

I’m tired

Let’s rest together.

Tell me a story

We have the time.

Nice place here.


Note: One day observing events and hearing conversations in a mall I got the impression that so much of it reflected what the Psalmist thought about and sang about. The Book of Psalms is indeed a holy volume, but it also shows that God considers the very commonplace and can meet us there and train, use us and delight us there.

Controversy with David’s Psalm (37)



Whadya mean “fret not”?

Can’t ya see all

The wickedness


Outright oppression

Slippery talk

Unjust gain

Pain and grief


By rogues who

Could easily help?

Even the King

Sold over

To darkness.

And you say…fret not.


But you say more

Don’t you.


That’s a good one

Trust others?

Trust family, myself?

That’s pretty shaky.

Oh, trust you Lord.

But I hardly know you

And can you be known?

You say “delight”

Easy perhaps for the shepherd

With the psalms

And fresh air and liberty.

…Oh but that shepherd

Became the hunted animal

Despised and tracked

And nearly trapped

But got through somehow.

And that was you right?

Well I’ve had some

Narrow misses too.

Should I be thanking you

Looking higher for provision

And protection?


Obviously that shepherd

“Delighted” in you

Got to see really

That there was

No other Source.

Committed” his ways

And hopes unto you.

Found that he could

Rest” in a mighty confidence

Found only in Another.

Made the conscious quality

Decision to “cease from anger

And forsake wrath”.

Started to realize

That nothing, absolutely nothing

Could better the newfound process

Of “waiting” upon your majesty

Your timing, agenda and pathway.

But all that is really

Just for your special anointed


The steps of a good man are ordered…”

Could that ever be me?

You forsake not your saints

They are preserved forever.”

Could that ever be me?

The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Could that ever be me?

This process of delightful dependence?

Surely such a God

Is all Giver and not Taker.

And I think

I am beginning to see

And I praise you

For your justice and mercy

And sing out my thanks.

Starting now.


(painting by Peter Etril Snyder of Waterloo)

True Majesty

Show me a king

And one without compromise

One who is truly

In touch with the poor

Training their children

And filling their pantries

Bringing real justice

Like none seen before.

Show me a king

Who can see through all postures

Scorning the bribe

And the fawning of frauds

Quick to decide

‘Gainst the trickster or bully

Sifting things righteous

Like no other gods.

Show me a king

Who would die for the wayward

Meekly accepting

The wicked’s cruel scorn.

And I will show you

A sure way to Heaven

Christ’s throne to share

With all gladly twice-born.


With Salvation

I will clothe your priests

With Salvation

Not innovation

Or lifestyle

Or anecdotes

End time observation

Or summer vacation.

Yes, clothed with it

Reminiscent of it

Fragrant with it

And little else.

For there is the joy

Discovering plenteous redemption

Not earned

Not learned

But graciously laid out

For wearing and sharing.

New clothes, righteous.

In this shall saints

Loudly shout, laugh

And marvel.

Ever thankful.

Fueled for the Master

Purchased, begotten

And blessed.

Then doors of praise

And manifestation

And all the rest.

Psalm 132: 16