Many Roads to One Home

Have you felt the hurt of things

Have you come to doubt

Days of loathing self and all

Trying to sort it out?

Did you bathe the thing in prayer

Did the Lord come near

Did he let His power descend?

Surely ending fear.

You have had your gains of faith

When you knew Christ came.

Let us give each other slack

Pathways not the same.

What imaginings God has used

Each tuned to each heart

Not a cookie cutter thing

No Sir

Different Body parts.

Raised to Newness of Life

So you’re getting water baptized?

People at that church are eager

To have you pass through the dunking.

Yes Jesus did say ‘Believe and be baptized’.

And they will receive their own satisfaction

Chests expanded with the thought

That they had brought it together.

But really we have here a New Believer

So very eager to obey in

The next perceived directive from the Master.

Saved already.

Hear that again; saved already

Through Sovereign Choice

Through repentance unto Life.

A most personal passage

Bringing the Joy of forgiveness and rest.

Regeneration is a done deal.

But then Friend, we have that issue

Of the Lordship of King Jesus.

And baptism is a confession of that fact.

There is such a translation through the New Birth

The old life is dead (under the waters)

The New Life has come supernaturally

(Rising up again to delightful fresh air).

We show that we have followed Jesus

Will follow Jesus, whatever the challenge.

It is a Little Thing

It is a little thing

For God to start up my breath

Little for eyes to gain sharp clarity

Little to imitate the parents’ laughter.

And so up the ladder of years.

This is the Lord of Angel Armies.

Why, just one of those angels

Routed enemies 126,000 in number.

While the preserved clans slept.

He has knowledge of my concerns

Heard my tense supplications

Is taking up the remedy

Even now as I finish this little tribute

To the Almighty One and Father.