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  • Man with an Oil Can

    broad view from Upper Hamilton ON He wandered the town In his seventies One meek and withdrawn from the rush. He didn’t make waves Or commotion. He never engaged in the PUSH. But with him was Always an oil can. To spatter where things Needed aid. And then freely, smoothly They functioned Machinery and people […]

  • Crocus Time

    Ah yes, March and changes. Last year we had to change residence. Landlord wanted to sell in this bumper market. Almost ridiculous prices, so high, all around. But Providence took the hassle out of it all. Found a suitable and spacious top floor apartment. Amenities all so very close. And Hilary and I love the […]

  • Enoch Arden: Tennyson

    A castaway And hope stretched thin The storm, the wreck, the digging in Two shipmates lost Their hearts broke first The loneliness, the chill and thirst. The gulls would teach One errant mind To dig the clams And seaweed find. The bonfires stoked The night stars dreamed Mid hopelessness The touch of God It seemed. […]

  • A Presence in Kitchener: Commissioning in Joy

  • That Faithful Remnant

    February 27, 2022 By Yasmeen Hussain He would have seen it Prayed over it Wondered at the roaming Attentions of the people Too much going on Staff of life; necessities Kids to be raised;protected. But Jesus never lost Hope Knew fully allotted tasks Messages of extravagant Joy Healings as Spirit might move. And let us […]

  • Performing Ably in Public Places

  • Jack on the Move, WW2

    it was Ryerson in Toronto physics, cathodes in a rush And the docks of venturesome Halifax for that Britain Battle push, luxury liner did the passage young men eager for their post. soon the sick-rail leaning, over and those friendships proved the most. was it London’s land or Glasgow? that part never laid on me. […]

  • Strengthen, Stablish, Settle (words of Peter)

    St. Paul would say that in the midst of his personal weakness and embarrassment he found the imparted strength of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 12).The wandering, vulnerable Lamb saw the arrival and Rescue of the Good Shepherd. He flowed over with Thanksgiving, and this brought the loving adhesive of Obedience. As he obeyed, he learned […]

  • Loving Harmonica Again

    Yes, Some Classical Too February 21, 2022

  • Limping

    Removed beautiful painting by Colline Bourque, participant in Art2Life Workshop. You come to me limping Bur never no mind You’ve come to know Jesus In service so kind You weep with folks hurting Have been there in spades But now you have comfort To show what Christ made. Quite humble, a listener A shoulder to […]