image and words provided by friend Anthony Gomez of Kentucky This morning I used this word “missive” in a conversation. Hilary wondered if it had some undesired negative connotation. A written communication with aspects of anger? We went to the Oxford Dictionary and discovered that it meant a writing/letter of considerable length and importance; often … More Missive

On Cessation

Do you call on the gifts In your walk even now? Some have said they have ceased Tell me when; tell me how? They suggest only First Church Had needed the lift That the speakers of grace Were endorsed with some gift. But anon came “perfection” The Canon they say And it ended the child-like … More On Cessation

Little One Waiting

  Short trips out To the curb Again and again Greying skies In late afternoon He is waiting. I had an important Commitment out of town Probably return Two or three days. All yesterday he watched Down our street Neck craning. We were to have a special day Meant so much to Each of us. … More Little One Waiting


Sitting in a square of chairs From all around the city Health cards did their bit Nurses all zig-zagging. A small child whimpers After harsh coughing Many register smiles of empathy. Woman tells her man He was such a fool With that power saw. Mrs. Gunderson please come With me to unit 5 Curtain rips … More Outpatients

Bent Double

  Eighteen years stooped over Like a bowing fern No real recollection Of the cause Only sunny vistas gone Her Brother’s face Almost forgot. Routines doubly daunting. And a nagging sense That blame was hers. Cobblestones became friends And guides. The smooth ones to market. Red ones to synagogue Overgrown ones to pasture Where the … More Bent Double