Stopping By

Any day now And you might Grasp the door And find it open To your love once more And lights subdued The children pausing Just to hear Your tread And smiling With Omniscience near. You know the needs And know the path Secure Your timing best And all your Motives pure. A Father’s call And … More Stopping By

Dad’s Eyes Filled

  Will there be gaps? New sense of loss? So fair my child A bridge now crossed The man is fine And made for you To hold decide And see tests through And laughing much Adventures shared A unity by Heaven paired And capable And listening well With counsel That will doubts dispel I see … More Dad’s Eyes Filled

I Am Wondering

Stay Your Hand Lord Is it possible that repentance and prayer could turn the Lord from fierce anger and judgment in a period of great tribulation forecast by Him? Listen to words from the prophecy of Jeremiah chapter 18: 7. At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck … More I Am Wondering