The smile can be sent To that lady so old Who pushes her walker In spite of the cold Who heads to the diner Though slippery the street And holds to the hope Some kind people she’ll meet. Or look to that mother Who reigns the kids in And single these three years And no … More Uplifted

Brebeuf, Ending

I wonder what price For this journey From textbook To strange tongue Tall pine From abbey And penance To portage And comrades All hardy in line. The trek to The New World So dazzling The ocean skies Beckoning on And red faces Stare at our larder And implements Toted so long. They sense There is … More Brebeuf, Ending

Kurelek. Impassioned

William Kurelek, Artist Come Partly Out of the Fog On February 9th Hilary and I visited the AGO in Toronto (Art Gallery Ontario at 317 Dundas Street West). First time ever for me, and last seen some 40 years ago by my wife. The special draw had been an exhibit of French Impressionism (Gaugin, Monet, Van … More Kurelek. Impassioned


    “Can’t even imagine New beginnings Flip of the page Morning ice sparkles Matins ring at Saint Agnes And no paper delivery. Last night lacked real joy Holiday lights soon Down everywhere Frosted streets quiet For the thirty-first. And it’s back to work Back to school Kids’ homework A little trickier And Dad’s input … More Possibilities

Place of Agreement

  Agreement Is the target That we hope for All these years But the place Is full of bickering One-upsmanship And tears And the plague infects Our leaders And reporters And the schools It suggests Nothing is certain Nothing stable Ever rules. But a STABLE Holds the answer Thrilling new life In a child And … More Place of Agreement