Thoughts in a Live Concert Audience

Sometimes it rips the innards hard Sometimes a memory sad Sometimes the beauty Heavenward Sometimes so blissfully glad.This music we allow our ears Has power to cleanse or soil! It makes the conscience mellow still Or brings the blood to boil. We love to pass by memories Of loves and sunshine bright Rejoicing in each day’s rich fare Before there comes the night.

Credible One

walking our shores; feeling our tugs and pulls…

Just when stops get pulled

And guilt builds up

And balls get dropped again.

Just when sin pulls strings

And thoughts descend

To where conscience drags up pain.

That’s the time

To reference Help sublime.

He knows our every trap

He walked this path

And prayed right through

The dirt and dark mishap.

Now a Priest who wins

Over all our sins

And Who oft’ implores

That we boldly come to God.

Not the other path

Where we hide in shame.

So condemned and over-awed.

What a joy this fact

That our Priest will act

In a way that reconciles.

He has known our lot

And the worst hell brought

So we win the Walk with smiles.

(Please read Hebrews chapter 4)