The Accident

Galatians 6: 1-3

This is perhaps the strongest image that I recall from Pastor James Park, formerly of Trinity EM Church in Waterloo. He was teaching a series on Paul’s Letter to Galatians.

He got to the place of addressing a spiritual brother or sister caught in error, deception, misdeed or calamity. He said that it might be compared to the situation of a highway accident with its resultant pain, chaos, damage and regret. Two types of people show up:

The Peace Officer: He is looking for cause and effect, blame, laws, judgment and restitution. He methodically searches out the evidence of fact, action and reaction.

The First Response Medic by Ambulance– He is examining the extent of hurt and attempting to relieve the pain and harm. He does not over-attend to the past. He is using his talents to alleviate pain, confusion, panic and further damage. Good air; good blood flow; good consciousness; separation from hazard. He personifies Mercy, not Law.

Now which one will you choose to be when encountering someone caught and hurting in the darkness?

(The viewer must understand that in a previous scene the constable had behaved in an obnoxious racially embittered fashion toward this same blameless woman of colour.)


Will there ever be a Love

Who’s not taker to the brim

Will a soul someday arrive

Who talks less of him

Less of him.

Who is captivated

By another

And who gives from all he has

As if Christmas fills the diary

Just as Ruth received Boaz.

Just a dream un-reached I wonder?

But I pray along this line

May my doubts be

Burst asunder

By one wonderful, and mine.